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Visit one of our DYI learning centers and do it yourself.  We  have trained professionals on staff that can help navigate software products and give you the confidence you need to do it yourself.

Bring in your laptop or work at one of our state of the art computer stations. Consult with a trained professional. We will guide with preparing your tax return, answer your bookeeping questions and even help you to complete your  FASA.

We offer a wide range of services including:
  • Tax Returns and Tax Services
  • Bookeeping Services,onsite,offsite, or remote
  • Website Design
  • Notary Services
  • Backup Service
  • Sell You home​​

Do you have NY State  unclaimed funds?  We will show you how to file a claim. 

Starting at $20.00 per hour plus filing fees. 
Example:1040 and 1 state, with1-3 W2's.
Estimated Time: 1 hour 
Estimated Cost: $20.00 plus $20.00 filing fee & Backup fee
Estimated cost to DYI $40.00

Minimum rates 1st [email protected]$20 per hour additional 1/[email protected]$10
Maximum rates apply, your services will not exceed the cost of 12QA to do it for you.
For example:
1040 and 1 state with 1-3 W2's including filing fee and back up fee
12QA Cost $80.00
DIY cost $40.00

Sell your home With Ray McCool ... It's EZ